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Challis Ag+ WMS (Water Management System)

The Challis Ag+ WMS is a new, top-of-the-range, modular and electronic Intelligent technical building water monitoring and control system that can connect control and monitor a whole range of water outlets including shower, taps, urinals all of which can be liked to a network reporting back to a central hub.  This link can be by LAN, wireless or by our new secure radio system LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) with a range of over 12 miles and which is not disrupted by internal walls and obstacles that often hamper wireless communication

Proven shower taps, as well as wash basin taps and urinal flush valves from the Challis Ag+ range, can all be linked to individual networks then on to a central hub. The Challis Ag+ WMS system enables the centralised control of an unlimited number of taps and devices within a range of up to 12 miles.

Using the tablet included in the standard delivery, it is possible to change settings, call up status information, activate individual and group functions, flush individual or groups of units and access recorded data. Reports are saved in PDF format and can be printed and sent easily.  The Challis Ag+ WSM system is a unique package that will dramatically reduce maintenance time and costs whilst at the same time provide un paralleled levels of reporting, monitoring, auditing and control of all your water outlets.

AG+ WMS – Brochure pdf.