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Challis Ag+ Ultra InfraRed Electronic Tap

The New Challis Ag+ Ultra InfraRed Electronic Tap combines water conservation, hands free function Antimicrobial control and reduced maintenance requirement in a well engineered robust and reliable tap. If servicing is needed at any point, the one-tool required, modular design, and the fact that components can be accessed from above the sink make maintenance extremely simple and convenient. Thanks to our unique TwistStop tap cartridge there is no need to shut off the stop valve below the sink enabling all service work out to be carried out above the sink. Operating states such as “Battery low” are well noticeable indicated by the LEDs on the side of the cover.

The model designed for the health sector and industry allows hygienic hand washing up to the elbows thanks to its high spout. The unique hygiene mode for hospitals, medical practices and hygienic sensitive applications features a countdown timer to aid compliance with recommendations for hand washing times.

Hands free function and timed shut off reduces water use up to 70% as water runs only when needed. Meeting BREEAM requirements. This drastically reduces the amount of energy used to heat water as well. The optional solar module or the integrated turbine produces sufficient energy to extend the battery life up to 8 years – a perfect water and energy saver.

High-quality materials and lead-free components ensure years of trouble free operation.

Hygienic. Bacteriostatic materials and hygienic rinsing help prevent unwanted buildup of germs. Lead free and bacteria growth prevention water pipes meet all drinking water regulations.

This unit is ideally suited for integration into the Challis Ag+ WMS enabling remote monitoring, reporting and flushing, individually or in groups.

View the AG+ Conti Ultra Brochure (pdf.)
AG+ Conti Ultra Health & Hygiene Brochure (pdf.)
Challis AG+ IR Tap GM10 – Specification Sheet (pdf.)
Challis AG+ IR Tap GS10 – Specification Sheet (pdf.)
Challis AG+ IR Tap GH10 – Specification Sheet (pdf.)

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