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Challis Ag+ Tronic Hospital Mixer

Challis Ag+ Tronic Hospital Mixer has been specifically designed for the demanding hospital and care home environment where customers are looking for a combination of safety, reliability, efficiency, good design, functionality, economy, sustainability, and the ability to operate and report in an increasingly technically advanced IT environment.
The Tronic has all the functions a capabilities one would expect from an electronic tap /shower/bath mixer but also will soon have some very exciting extra IT capabilities
Designed with the aim of dramatically reducing the maintenance teams workload and compliance reporting requirement the Challis Ag+ Tronic is a huge technical step forward and will soon enable reporting to be done remotely to the cloud saving time resources and money whilst at the same time improving safety and infection control.
Challis AG+ Tronic Hospital Mixer – Specification Sheet (pdf.)
Challis AG+ Health & Hygiene Brochure (pdf.)


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