How To Cut Costs, Increase Your Showers Anti-Microbial Protection and Improve Patient Safety

We live in uncertain times with costs spiralling and no end in sight.  As we move into a new financial year many NHS Trusts are now tightening their belts even further looking for savings in all possible areas.  As budgets and margins are cut and prices go up, finding an area to make savings whilst at the same time maintaining quality, service safety and performance is becoming increasingly difficult.

We at Challis MS, as the UK’s largest manufacturer of Anti-Microbial showers, are pleased to announce that we can indeed meet your expectations on price and performance.  By more efficient manufacturing processes coupled with innovative and patented anti microbial protection we can reduce your costs at the same time as increasing your showers & taps anti-microbial protection and patient safety.

NHS Trusts across the UK are now switching to Challis Ag+ Sentinel and realising huge cost savings. Do you want to Join Them?

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