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Client Comments

“We were spending a lot of time & resources on our quarterly cleaning regimes.  The Ag+ recycling scheme is a lot quicker, easier and most importantly a lot cheaper than what we used to do.”

“Removing & recycling the shower head and hose is infinitely preferable and reliable than cleaning the shower head in situ.  The ability to visually confirm that the units have been changed by the colour coding has been invaluable benefit providing us with real peace of mind that everything has been done right.”

“The Ag+ scheme can really be regarded as best practise.”

“The Ag+ Recycling scheme seems to suits us very well indeed particularly as it removes a administrative burden.”

“We chose the Challis AG + because of the traceability that it gives us with the colour coded heads compared to our 3 monthly shower head set and hose cleaning.”

“One of the benefits to the Trust are that we are contacted a couple of weeks before the Ag+ shower heads are due to be changed reminding us.”

“Picking up of the old heads and hoses and their recycling is a significant benefit to the Trust as it reduces administration and gives us peace of mind that old units are not going into landfill as we used to do.”

“The Ag+ scheme is cheaper than labour costs to clean and de-scale shower in-situ. The fact that we don’t have to use chemicals to clean the showers each quarter and the form filling that goes along with it is great.”

“The anti bacterial capability of the Ag+ means that even during the quarter bacterial load is down protecting patients 24/7.”

“We used to spend a fortune on replacing old shower heads and hoses each quarter.  The Ag+ scheme saves us thousands of £’s per quarter and is so simple.”

“We suffered from problems completing PPM and shower head cleaning was a real strain on our already depleted resources. Putting this system in place allowed us to complete the PPM within budget.”

“The benefits we are experiencing are less labour required changing shower heads, reduced risks involved in the chemicals we used to disinfect shower heads. We have also recorded a reduction in cost of replacement heads, labour and the cost of PPE and chemicals previously used.”

“With the Ag+ colour rotation we are able to immediately recognise if a shower has not been included on the list or missed out on the last rota due to incorrect colour fitted.  Now we are 100% sure that all the shower heads and hoses have been changed”

“Needing to satisfy our quarterly cleaning regime the Challis Ag+ scheme came to our attention. We really liked ease of swapping rather than removing and cleaning/de-scaling. The scheme gave us peace of mind in being able to visually confirm all shower units had been addressed, due to something as simple as different coloured heads for each quarter.  Such a simple and useful idea.”


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