Stopping Pseudomonas in Your Taps & Showers

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Have you experienced recurring and persistent legionella/ pseudomonas incidents and have run out of ideas of how to eliminate them? Incidents of legionella and Pseudomonas are on the increase across the UK and the common knee-jerk reaction is to immediately fit an expensive anti-microbial filter.  Why not consider a quicker and cheaper more permanent solution […]

Why You Should Always Put The Lid Down When You Flush The Loo

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When you have finished always put the lid down on the toilet before you flush, this prevents the airborne spread of contaminated water vapour as the toilet flushes and particles spread over an extended area of many square meters potentially contaminating toothbrushes, soap, surfaces, make up and other bathroom products you would much rather keep […]

TMV Protection Without The Need For Regular TMV Servicing

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We understand, that there will be soon to be a change to the guidance regarding the fitting of Thermostatic mixing valves (TMV”s). These changes include guidance that Thermostatic Mixing devices should only be fitted where there is an anticipated scald risk. Within current HTM04-01  guidance service frequencies to these thermostatic units may only be required […]

Is Your Current Supply Chain From Europe and Far East Secure & Reliable?

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Why Should You Be Concerned About The Security of Your Supply Chains as International Relations Become More Uncertain and Un Predictable. Are you noticing supply problems? Security and stability of your supply chain is often overlooked and is seldom appreciated until a crisis brings its importance to the fore and starts costing your business money. […]

Why Choose Challis Ag+, What Do We Do Better?

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  We Provide Real, Tangible and Unique Client Added Value Compared to Our Competitors In Real Terms We Provide More for Less Quality & Reliability Read More Better Anti Microbial Protection Read More Better Security of Supply Chain Full UK Manufacture Read More Reduced Environmental Impact Meeting Net Zero Targets Read More Reduced Installation Requirement […]

Top 10 Ways To Reduce Pseudomonas Incidents

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Top 10 Ways To Reduce Pseudomonas Incidents 1 . Fit Challis Ag+ Sentinel units to Taps & Showers Click Here To Watch Our Video 2 . Clean taps before the hand basin and use separate cloths to prevent cross contamination 3 . Do not dispose of body fluids in the hand basin 4 . Do […]

Public Health England Report Pseudomonas Incidents By Hospital Trust 2021

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Publication date: Wednesday 15 September 2021 Click Here To Download Report What this file contains: Results by NHS acute trust and CCG Financial year counts and rates of P. aeruginosa bacteraemia by NHS acute trust and CCG by onset status (April 2017 to March 2021).  What this data shows: §annual counts and rates (per 100,000 […]

If You Are Going To Clean or Replace Your Tap Diffusers Why Would You Not Want To Replace Them With a Diffuser That is Safer and Better?

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Watch Our New Video Deep cleaning or the complete replacement of old tap diffusers is a regular and necessary requirement to stop the unsightly build up of limescale and the subsequent proliferation of dangerous pathogens such as legionella and Pseudomonas, to name but a few. Regular deep cleaning of tap diffusers has its place but […]

Low Flush Toilet Saves 85%Water and Stops Airborne Contaminants

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Saving the planet – one hygienic flush at a time Let’s start with a fact – only 3% of the world’s water is drinking water, we use more and more of it daily, and every time we use a toilet we flush away vast amounts of this scarce resource Fact number 2 – 48% of […]

Stopping Pseudomonas in Your Taps

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Tap diffusers require regular maintenance and in some cases replacement as they can soon become blocked with limescale and consequently biofilm build up with Legionella and Pseudomonas This sort of environment is also prone to back contamination as airborne water vapour droplets rise up from the basin and drain to further contaminate the outlet. The […]