Stopping Pseudomonas in Your Taps & Showers

Have you experienced recurring and persistent legionella/ pseudomonas incidents and have run out of ideas of how to eliminate them?

Incidents of legionella and Pseudomonas are on the increase across the UK and the common knee-jerk reaction is to immediately fit an expensive anti-microbial filter.  Why not consider a quicker and cheaper more permanent solution to the problem?

Most persistent incidents of pseudomonas are often as a direct result of back contamination.  Until now

the only remedial actions were fit a filter, thermal flush of the tap/shower or remove the shower, tap, spout and autoclave, all of which are time consuming and expensive and most importantly are often quickly and easily compromised.

Challis Ag+ the UK largest manufacture of anti microbial showers and taps has developed the Challis Ag+ Sentinel System that quickly, efficiently and cost effectively eliminates the biofilm along with the pseudomonas that lives within it and then ensures no reoccurrence by preventing back contamination.

The first stage of the Sentinel system is to de-contaminate the tap or shower by dosing it with Challis Ag+ Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide.  Using our unique applicator our 3% stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Solution disinfects water and surfaces by an oxidisation process destroying both biofilm and micro organisms, degrading safely down to only water and oxygen with no harmful by-products.

Tap Treatment

Remove the tap diffuser and dispose of it safely. Direct the spray gun into the tap outlet and spray several times to ensure the the Challis Ag+ Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide is distributed evenly well up into the tap spout and body.  Leave for 10 minutes, after which time flush the tap removing any limescale.  Repeat if required.




Shower Treatment

Remove the shower from the shower arm or hose, dispose of it safely. direct the spray gun  into the shower arm or hose and spray several times to ensure the the Challis Ag+ Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide is distributed well up into the arm or hose ensuring sufficient is applied to cover all internal surfaces.  Leave for 10 minutes, after which time flush shower arm and hose removing any limescale.  Repeat if required.




The second stage is to fit the Challis Ag+ Sentinel Shower or tap diffuser in which the presence of our patented copper silver mesh barrier effectively and reliably prevents the back contamination of the outlet providing sustained long term protection from re-occurrence of microbial contamination. A reliable, effective, quick and easy long term fix

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