TMV Protection Without The Need For Regular TMV Servicing

We understand, that there will be soon to be a change to the guidance regarding the fitting of Thermostatic mixing valves (TMV”s). These changes include guidance that Thermostatic Mixing devices should only be fitted where there is an anticipated scald risk. Within current HTM04-01  guidance service frequencies to these thermostatic units may only be required annually if supported by a risk assessment and manufactures guidelines.  However in some cases manufactures litrature actually require more frequent servicing.  This level of servicing undoubtedly puts a huge strain on the resources of already embattled facilities management teams.

Imagine if you could install a unit with all the anti scald protective features of a TMV without any of the extended and onerous servicing requirements. What a perfect solution

This perfect solution is available now from Challis Ag+”The Solution Providers”

The Challis Ag+ Tronic WMS Basin Mixer combines elegant good looks with electronic functionality including an innovative anti scald capability which can be pre set at a temperature that cuts off immediately the supply should that temp limit be reached.  This unit exceeds the performance of a thermostatic controlled unit whilst at the same time not requiring regular and onerous serving requirements associated with a TMV unit

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