Anti Kink Shower Hoses, How They Can Cut Maintenance Costs

Ever wondered why your maintenance staff is called out so often to leaking shower hoses?

Have you ever considered the accumulative costs of these maintenance calls?

Why are these shower hoses leaking?  The simple answer to this question is they are not, they are loosening and coming undone at the thread causing not only an inconvenience but increasing maintenance requirement and costs.

What is causing shower hoses to gradually loosen and eventually come undone and leak?

This is all down to the quality of the shower hose. Budget shower hoses as the phrase suggests are built to a budget and have fixed connecting thread at each end.  Being fixed the hose is prone to twisting, kinking which eventually loosens the link between the head or mixer and consequently leaks.

Better quality shower hoses have installed at both ends a freely rotating fitting (Anti Kink Device) that allows head and hose to swivel freely effectively preventing the hose from twisting and loosening and eventually leaking

This simple anti-kink device when incorporated into the hose not only prevents leakage but also cuts frequency of maintenance call outs and the consequent cost involved saving £s off your maintenance bills.

A quick and easy solution and saving