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SilverSafe Protection
The use of Silver is the world’s oldest method of infection control first used in Egyptian times. Today SilverSafe protection is an antibacterial technology that can be safely built into most plastics to continuously protect them against the growth of bacteria which can cause contamination, odour or staining. SilverSafe technology works in-between cleanings, to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mould and fungi for the life of the product.

SilverSafe technology is built into the Ag+® shower head at the manufacturing stage and is literally part of the shower head, it will not wash out or wear out, scratches or chips therefore, will not affect the ability to combat bacteria and other organisms. Enough additive is incorporated into the Ag+® to ensure continuous protection throughout the lifetime of the product. Because it is uniformly dispersed, it is present and effective throughout the product, even in hard to clean areas. If SilverSafe is removed from the surface during abrasion, new molecules quickly migrate from the body of the material to the surface to ensure constant 24 hour antibacterial effectiveness.

Ag+® is already in NHS Trusts and care homes across the UK.

Challis Ag+ Twice the Protection of Any Antibacterial Shower
Antibacterial products only work on bacteria. Antimicrobials such as Challis Ag+ are able to kill not only bacteria but also address a much wider range of potential pathogens, killing any viruses or fungi that they come into contact with. While this feature is not as important to the average person, it becomes highly crucial and a valuable addition in a healthcare setting. Many viruses and fungi are opportunistic and pose a heightened threat to anyone with a weakened or otherwise occupied immune system. Since this can describe a large portion of hospital patients, it is crucial that viruses and fungi are accounted for therefore the Challis Ag+ will be the natural safe choice.

Biofilm_Klein-16The Truth About Biofilm
Cleaning Your Shower May Not Be As Effective As You Think!

Shower hoses provide ideal habitats for biofilm such as legionella and other bacteria to multiply. The large internal diameters of the plastic or rubber hoses offer generous breeding space. Additionally, the temperature is ideal for the maturation of germs and bacteria: either the bacteria are warmed as water flows through or they “mature” at room temperature.Challis Shower Head Group SEPT 2013-small-small-22

Keeping any shower and hose for over 6 months, even when regularly cleaned, will result in biofilm build up within the units.
The standard operating procedure for quarterly cleaning is the immersing of shower hose & head in a suitable solution of biocide and subsequent flushing. This is unlikely to remove biofilm entirely.
Biofilm is particularly tenacious and often survives the most aggressive regular chemical cleaning.

You can easily perform the “biofilm test” yourself by unscrewing your old hose from the shower and scraping the inner wall of the shower hose with a knitting needle or similar device. You will be amazed by your “abundant harvest”.

The only 100% reliable method of removing biofilm is the complete removal and destruction of the habitat. This is a key part of the Ag+ Recycling Scheme. The anti bacterial capability of the Ag+ head & hose retards the establishment of biofilm followed by quarterly removal and recycling of units Guarantees 100% biofilm elimination


Challis Ag+® 2018 Brochure.

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Memorandum 04-01 (2016) Regarding
Cleaning Shower Heads & Hoses.

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Rather Than Quarterly Clean.

Why It’s Cheaper and Safer to Replace &
Recycle Ag+, Than Clean Old Shower Heads.

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300 Bed Hospital with Cost Comparison.

Challis Ag+® Antibacterial Testing Report.

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Hospital Mixer TNChallis AG+ Hospital Mixer – Spec Sheet.

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Shower Change Anti Microbial Protocol

WMS Project Installation Instructions

WMS Brochure

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