Lead Free Showers and Taps

The risk to health, particularly that of children, of lead water pipework has long been known and as such lead water pipes have been banned for years.  However little attention has been paid to lead in brass used in the manufacture of shower and tap fitting which in effect can also leech into the water supply. In several states in the USA lead and nickel have now been banned from use in the manufacture of brass showers and faucets. Nickel and lead are still used in brass production and subsequently included in many shower mixers and taps across Europe. As we become more aware of the risk leaching into our water supply governments across Europe are looking to following the example of these States in the USA and banning any lead in showers and taps.  Lead-Free and Nickel Free legislation is coming

Challis along with our Scandinavian partners FM Mattsson, Mora Armatur and Damixa has realized the significance of this risk and have acted on it.  We are pleased to announce that our most popular ranges of taps and shower mixers are now manufactured using Lead & Nickel Free Brass.  This new brass is not only beneficial to customer health and the environment but also more corrosion resistant which means a longer fault free working life to all of our showers and taps.

As lead-free legislation approaches it is always prudent to be prepared with the best interest of your family, colleagues, and customers at the forefront of your decision-making process.  Why would you not want the very best protection for the people you care for.  With this in mind we at Challis, FM Mattsson, Mora Armatur & Damixa can future proof your buying decision.

For more details contact us on 01628 529024 or info@challisms.com or browse our web site www.challisshowers.com