Why Your Tap Diffusers Are Now Obsolete

It is now generally accepted that the majority of Pseudomonas flare ups involving taps are as direct result of back contamination of the open tap spout by contaminated aerated water droplets.  This contamination is often compounded by limescale and biofilm build up on the tap diffuser internals which also presents a restriction to the water flow.

In order to prevent this combination of airborne contaminates, open ended spouts, limescale and biofilm build up we need to consider how we negate them by innovative design, ensuring ongoing patient safety.

At Challis we specialise in providing our clients with safe, simple cost effective solutions to recurring problems such as this.  With this in mind we designed and patented our Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve.

The Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve is made of medical grade silicon and has been designed to fit and replace the diffuser internals which are currently in your taps.

The Sentinel valve opens when the water flows and closes instantly when the water flow ceases which effectively and efficiently seals off the tap spout when not in use and prevents any risk of back contamination by airborne water vapour.  Within the Sentinel Valve we have also removed any restriction within the unit which limescale and biofilm might adhere to.

The Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve is a quick, easy and cost effective retro fit to any tap, replacing your obsolete diffusers and removing the recurring and very real risk of back contamination, Pseudomonas flare ups and at the same time protecting vulnerable patients.

All tap diffusers need replacing or cleaning on a regular basis so why would you not replace them with the Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve? Why would you not install, something better and safer?

Improving Patient Safety, Cutting Costs, Cutting Maintenance

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