New Addition to Challis Ag+ Vehicle Fleet

An increasing number of NHS trusts across the UK are now realising that it is now cheaper and safer to use disposable, colour coded, anti-microbial showers and hoses in preference to in house cleaning. With safety and quality being a key factor in their buying decision an increasing number of hospital trusts are choosing Challis Ag+ as their Anti-Microbial Disposable showers partner.  To meet this increasing demand we at Challis Ag+ are very pleased to present the newest addition to our delivery fleet .

With Safety as our priority, Challis Ag+ have always offered  a bespoke delivery and pick up service to hospitals across the UK using our own branded and specially adapted vehicles ensuring safe, reliable, market leading service that our hospital clients require and expect.

If your hospital trust priority is to ensure the safe, efficient and proper handling of your disposable showers from delivery right through to pick up and sustainable disposal then Challis Ag+ is the only choice that offers this safety based, in-house service. If you would like to improve patient safety and infection control whilst at the same time cutting costs you need to talk to us.  For a free sample or a quotation Click Here

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