Challis Ag+ Launch Innovative UV-C LED Water Purifications System

Challis Ag+ in partnership with FM Mattsson is pleased to announce the launch of WaterSprint, an innovative, safe and efficient technology for water purification, killing all micro organisms including viruses through LED technology. This specific UV-C LED technology was invented by Japanese scientists, and they were duly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014.

The Challis Ag+ WaterSprint is compact, energy efficient and an ideal cost saving replacement for expensive short life water filters normally used in Augmented Care applications where clean microbial free water is essential.  Rather than spending thousands of £’s per annum on expensive shower & tap filters that clog up far too quickly the Challis Ag+ Water Sprint provides anti microbial/virus protection 24/7 year after year.

This new LED technology enables entirely new and groundbreaking products for anti microbial water treatment. It is no surprise that our solution kills germs with revolutionary small amounts of energy – and without any chemicals!

Challis Ag+ Watersprint purifies water by “killing” all microorganisms with a new patented LED-generated UV-C disinfection process that utilises nanotechnology optimised by our WSS (Watersprint Software System).
A selection of our models are connected via Wi-Fi for operation and monitoring via a customized web portal and IoT solutions.

We all need clean water to survive. With a simple installation, our customers eliminate risk of Legionella in showers and avoid other harmful bacteria and viruses in drinking water directly from taps, helping reducing wasteful plastic bottles in the environment in the process.

Perhaps best of all – our small modules are maintenance free! & Quick & Easy to Fit

Most of our products are also connected via Wi-Fi to ensure safe operation and supervision.

That is why we call it an intelligent water purification system.