Save Big on Legionella Control: One Auto-Flushing Unit, Endless Benefits

In the world of Legionella control and water management, the responsibility of maintaining water safety cannot be overstated. Legionella consultants and authorized engineers are well aware of the challenges posed by bacterial growth in water systems. In previous blogs, we explored the vital role of Challis Water Management Systems (WMS) and their duty flushing facilities in combating Legionella and ensuring the safety of water supplies.

Today, we delve into a specific aspect of duty flushing that not only safeguards water quality but also introduces a strategic and cost-effective approach. We’ll focus on the installation of a single auto-flushing unit at the end of a supply run—a move that promises to revolutionize the way we protect water systems without breaking the bank.

The Traditional Approach:

Conventionally, duty flushing involves the systematic release of water from outlets across an entire supply run to eliminate stagnant water, bacteria, and other contaminants. While this method is effective, it can incur substantial costs, both in terms of water consumption and operational expenses.

Imagine a scenario where duty flushing is a mandatory process, and every outlet along the supply run must be equipped with an auto-flushing unit. The initial investment, coupled with ongoing maintenance, can be a significant financial burden for businesses and organizations, deterring them from adopting comprehensive water safety measures.

The Cost-Effective Alternative:

Enter the concept of strategic duty flushing, a game-changing approach that prioritises cost-effectiveness without compromising on water safety. Instead of installing auto-flushing units at every outlet, our proposal involves placing a single unit at the end of a supply run. This unit efficiently draws treated water through the entire run, ensuring that every part of the system benefits from the protective measures.

Proof of Concept:

The beauty of this approach lies in its scalability and proof-of-concept feasibility. By implementing duty flushing at the end of a supply run, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of the system without committing to a full-scale investment. This not only minimizes upfront costs but also allows Legionella consultants and authorized engineers to tailor solutions to specific needs based on real-world data.

The Technical Advantage:

From a technical standpoint, the implementation of a single auto-flushing unit at the end of a supply run offers several advantages. It streamlines the flushing process, eliminating the need for individual units at each outlet. This centralized approach simplifies monitoring and maintenance, making it easier for engineers to oversee and troubleshoot the system.

Moreover, the duty flushing facility can be fine-tuned to match the unique characteristics of the water system, optimizing the flushing duration and frequency. This level of customization ensures that water safety is maintained at the highest standards while minimizing unnecessary water wastage.

Environmental and Operational Benefits:

Beyond cost savings, this strategic duty flushing approach aligns with environmental sustainability goals. By reducing water consumption associated with flushing, businesses contribute to water conservation efforts, demonstrating a commitment to responsible water management.

Operationally, the streamlined approach allows for easier integration with existing WMS systems. Legionella consultants and authorized engineers can seamlessly incorporate this cost-effective solution into their recommendations, enhancing the overall efficiency of water safety protocols.


In the quest for water safety and Legionella control, a paradigm shift is underway—one that places emphasis on cost-effectiveness without compromising the efficacy of water management systems. By focusing on duty flushing facilities strategically, businesses can safeguard their water supplies while minimizing financial burdens.

Legionella consultants and authorized engineers play a pivotal role in advocating for such innovative solutions. Recommending the installation of a single auto-flushing unit at the end of a supply run can be a game-changer, providing clients with a scalable and cost-effective approach to water safety.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of water management, let’s embrace strategic duty flushing as a beacon of efficiency, sustainability, and responsible resource allocation. Together, we can revolutionise the way we protect water systems, ensuring a safer and more cost-effective future for businesses and communities alike.


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