Sustainability Meets Legionella Prevention: Unveiling AI Smart Flush Innovation

In the realm of water safety, where legionella consultants and authorizing engineers hold the keys to safeguarding public health in hospitals and buildings, a delicate balance must be struck. The conflict between the imperative duty flushing to prevent waterborne diseases and the pressing need for water conservation challenges the very core of our environmental and sustainability efforts. At Challis, we recognize this quandary and have devised a groundbreaking solution that marries duty flushing with water conservation through our innovative Water Management System (WMS) featuring the AI Smart Flush.

The Crucial Role of Duty Flushing in Legionella Prevention:

Nosocomial waterborne diseases, especially those caused by legionella bacteria, pose a significant threat to public health. Duty flushing, a routine practice that involves running water through outlets to prevent stagnation and bacterial growth, is a cornerstone in the arsenal against legionella. However, the sheer volume of water required for regular duty flushing presents an inherent contradiction to our growing emphasis on sustainability.

Water Conservation Imperatives in the Age of Environmental Responsibility:

As the world rallies behind sustainability goals and environmental responsibility, water conservation has become a paramount concern. The paradox lies in the fact that duty flushing, a critical practice for preventing waterborne diseases, stands at odds with the imperative to conserve water. Balancing these conflicting priorities demands innovation and a strategic rethink of our approach.

Challis AI Smart Flush: Bridging the Gap Between Duty Flushing and Water Conservation:

Enter the Challis AI Smart Flush, a pioneering solution that addresses the challenge head-on. Our Water Management System (WMS) serves as the foundation, offering automatic flushing of individual units or groups at customizable intervals and durations. This alone is a significant leap forward in efficiency and resource management. However, what truly sets our system apart is the integration of artificial intelligence.

How AI Smart Flush Works:

The AI Smart Flush employs advanced algorithms to dynamically assess the usage patterns of water outlets. It identifies whether a unit has been used, the duration of use, and crucially, whether that duration aligns with the duty flushing instructions. This intelligent system ensures that water outlets are only flushed when necessary, minimizing water wastage while maintaining stringent legionella prevention measures.

Tailored Flushing for Optimal Resource Utilization:

Consider a scenario where a water outlet has not been used or has been used for a duration less than the duty flushing instruction. In this case, the AI Smart Flush instructs the system to flush only for the remaining time required. This targeted approach translates to significant water savings without compromising on the critical duty flushing protocols essential for preventing waterborne diseases.

Benefits Beyond Water Conservation:

The Challis AI Smart Flush not only conserves water but also enhances overall operational efficiency. Legionella consultants and authorizing engineers can now rely on a system that adapts to usage patterns, reducing the burden of unnecessary flushing and streamlining water management protocols.

Integration with Sustainability Goals:

Challis remains committed to environmental responsibility. By introducing the AI Smart Flush, we align water safety practices with broader sustainability objectives. This integration is a testament to our dedication to finding innovative solutions that meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.


In the complex landscape of water safety and sustainability, the Challis AI Smart Flush emerges as a beacon of innovation. By seamlessly blending duty flushing with AI-driven water conservation, we offer a holistic solution to legionella consultants and authorizing engineers tasked with safeguarding public health. In this era of competing priorities, Challis stands at the forefront, pioneering a path where water safety and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. The AI Smart Flush is not just a solution; it is a commitment to a future where water is conserved without compromising the health and safety of the public.