UK’s First Manual Mixer Tap With Built in Temperature Sensor & Anti Scald Cut Off

Tronic Tap

Challis Ag+ are pleased to announce the launch of their new and groundbreaking manual basin mixer tap with a built-in temperature sensor which can be preset to shut off at a set temperature thus negating any scald risk.

The Tronic tap is a significant step forward in water safety as it enables full accurate and reliable anti-scald protection without the need for thermostatic cartridge control or under basin TMV mixer.  This means no more regular, time-consuming testing and setting up of TMV mixing valves across your estate. Read More

The Tronic tap is the first in the UK to have a built-in temperature sensor that monitors water temperature at the outlet and should the temperature rise above the preset limit cuts off immediately thus avoiding an risk of scalding.  The innovative built-in sensors also enable both monitoring and reporting of flows and temperatures to an internet-based portal and dashboard.  All this is done wirelessly. Read More

The Challis Ag+ Tronic and Water Management System WMS has been developed in conjunction with our partners FM Mattsson (Sweden Largest Manufacturer of Taps & Showers) Watch our New Video