Safety & Quality Raising the Game

Safety & Quality are always the very first casualties sacrificed on the altar of budget and lower prices.

Whether knowingly done or just being misled the implications and the outcomes are always eventually the same.  Take Grenfell Tower as an example, why would a specifier knowingly take such a risk when the potential outcome is so horrendous. Complacency, because they got away with it for so long. Like Grenfell, just because the bullet has been dodged year after year does not mean that something as simple and unexpected will indeed eventually derail the train.

Yet some specifiers do succumb and override the voice in their head saying “you know its cheap crap, don’t buy, it’s this decision that will eventually come back and bite you”

Listen to your inner voice. If a product feels like an Airfix kit, light and flimsy, its that way for a reason which is normally cost cutting.  This should set alarm bells ringing. If a manufacturer is cutting costs in plain sight imagine what corners they are cutting in areas that you can’t see.

We recently spoke with a Water Engineer who knew he was recommending a cheap low-quality product but the price was right and despite the obvious safety discrepancies that we pointed out, he convinced himself and went ahead in the full knowledge that what he was being assured by the manufactures was not quite correct, but he still persisted, caught up in the fantasy that it was right, for all the wrong reasons.

Safety & Quality Costs

If your aim is to buy cheap crap, Read No Further

Challis Ag+ is the UK’s original and largest manufacturer of antimicrobial showers and we are for a reason,  “We Do It Right” Supplying over 80,000 showers to NHS Trusts across the UK.

Safety, Quality, Innovation, and value for money are our Keystones, particularly when dealing with the safety of the most vulnerable members of our community.  Safety & Quality costs money, there is no way of getting around that fact.

At Challis Ag+ we provide a constant stream of safe, innovative and high-quality products that our clients want and need and often exceed our client’s expectations, which is our unique selling point.

We are deliberately setting the bar and the standard high and challenging our competitors to meet it with safety, quality and innovation and we are pleased to confirm that our clients and many other responsible NHS trusts are joining us in this challenge. By taking responsibility for expecting value for money, not a budget price, and the lowest bid and all the inherent compromises and ongoing risks involved

Safety is all our responsibility and should not to be devolved or deflected to meet a budget price compromise. This is not an option especially when dealing with vulnerable patients

Our clients are realizing that it is for other companies to raise their game regarding safety, quality and service rather than us lower our standards to fit under the budget bar. Excuses and shortcuts are for organizations that can’t meet a client’s needs or expectations.

If your current supplier is trying to explain away their flimsy Airfix model type construction as “It’s helping you be more sustainability” then it might be time just to check that you’re not being led down a convenient garden path and if their gently misleading you now, what else are they cutting back on.

If it doesn’t look right and doesn’t feel right its probably not right.

Excuses and compromise are for other companies.  If you are determined to buy really cheap crap call us and we will be happy to recommend some alternative suppliers who will be more than capable to meet your needs.  However, if you’re intention and buying decision is based on the keystones of Safety, Quality and Value for Money then we at Challis would be proud to call you our Partner.