Challis Ag+® Thermal Flushing Mixer, Saving Time Money & Resources

Challis Ag+® Thermal Flushing Mixer

In order to meet ACOP L8 compliance many hospital estates departments spend considerable time, resources and money on ensuring that bacterial load and biofilm is killed and flushed through shower mixing valves.

Challis Ag+ Thermal Flush Adaptor

The most effective method of doing this is by thermal shock by which high-temperature water is flushed through the mixing valve thus killing any bacteria or biofilm.

With most shower mixing valves currently available in hospitals this can take between 20-30 minutes to complete and when you have 100 plus shower mixers to clean this is a formidable task and drain on resources.

The Challis FM Mattsson healthcare mixing valve with its patented integrated bypass enables this flush through to be completed in under 2 minutes plus actual flush time.

Thermal Flush Key

A considerable saving across the estate. Imagine being able to complete the thermal disinfection of all mixers across the estate in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Meeting your ACOP L8 compliance safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively leaving your resources to be better used elsewhere.

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