Is Sustainability Really A Key Driver In Your Organisation?

Lets Cut straight to the difficult questions

Is Sustainability a key driver in your organization?

If Not Why Not?

Do your suppliers have ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Approval?

If not Why Not?

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Approval is the very least and most basic requirement your organization should demand of your suppliers as it clearly and quantifiably demonstrates an organization’s real commitment to the sustainable environmental process, protocol and the systems required to have a real environmental impact and are not just empty promises fluff & nonsense which some suppliers rely on.

As an example, packaging individual products in plastic bags is very often completely unnecessary from a safety point of view and is normally just for the convenience of the supplier.

At all levels of the supply chain, one should be asking pertinent and relevant questions of suppliers, some of which can be as simple as “Do we need this product in its own plastic bag?”

Many suppliers make lofty claims as to the recycling of their product and particularly packaging. But if the packaging is not required why include it?

Why suffer 1,000’s of redundant and unnecessary plastic bags.

ISO 14001 is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for good sustainable governance so why not ask your supplier “Are You ISO 14001?” IF NOT, WHY NOT?

Instead of voluminous and lofty assurances about their sustainability recycling efforts, should you not rely on the valid certification as verifiable proof of sustainability protocols and systems.  If a supplier is indeed committed to sustainability should they not at the very least confirm their commitment to real verification and not just meaningless assurances and excuses.

Seek out and support ISO 14001 suppliers by demanding proper verification and a real commitment to the environment.

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