Legionella Control In Housing Association Properties

Protecting tenants from potential harmful water bourne micro-organisms such as legionella and pseudomonas in your housing stock is a key challenge and requirement.  The primary risk area for legionella and pseudomonas proliferation are shower hoses and heads.  With this in mind we have developed and patented our Sentinel™ Shower-head and Hose.  A quick and easy fit to any shower mixer our patented silver coated copper mesh technology integrated into our shower heads and hoses provides a protective barrier against the proliferation of dangerous water bourne micro-organisms such as legionella ensuring the safety of your tenants 24/7 Read More Click Here



For higher levels of ongoing water safety protection landlords should consider regular thermal disinfection of high risk areas such as the shower /bath mixer units.  With any standard bath shower mixers this is difficult, time consuming and in the majority of cases impossible to achieve.

However Challis showers in partnership with FM Mattsson have now developed the thermal override bath/ shower unit which can be quickly and easily set to thermal flush and just as quickly and easily re set to safe standard function mode.  To see how this is done watch our new video

Challis Showers Thermal Flush


The addition of our 9000 thermal flush units to your specification for new build and refurbishment will undoubtedly save time money and resources whilst at the same time providing vastly improved water safety protection for your tenants.  To learn more about our 9000E unit, which is now available with full BIM data, click on the photo below