Anti Biotic Resistance, The Next Bio Crisis?

Last year in the UK, over 65,000 patients were effected by drug resistant infections, thats 178 per day resulting in over 12,000 deaths.

A lot of the antibiotics doctors use today are heavily regulated and monitored because of their eventual aid to resistance.  There is a need for new and safer solutions

We at Challis Ag+ aim to inform sustainable design of existing and novel materials that precludes potential unintended environmental and human health consequences.

Several inorganic materials are widely used for their antimicrobial properties. Two that we are continuing to evaluate are silver and copper. Manipulating these elements in nano-scale materials introduces unique properties and mechanisms of interaction with microorganisms. The aim of our research is to uncover underlying mechanisms of these interactions and link them to specific nanomaterial properties so that we can tune behavior for specific applications. We are particularly interested in approaching this research through the lens of antimicrobial resistance, the need to develop effective alternative antimicrobials, and the potential for nano-enable solutions to tackle this global challenge.

Currently available are our range of showers, taps and hoses using our combination of silver (Ag+) and copper (Cu) as the first stage in providing a safer more stable and reliable long term solution to the ever changing landscape of anti microbial resistance.

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