Servicing TMV Valves, How To Save Time and Money

Servicing TMV valves across your estate is an essential procedure ensuring the safety and well

being of both staff and patients. This service action protects against not only scald risk but also subsequent water contamination by the likes of legionella and pseudomonas along with a variety of waterborne nasties.

TMV servicing is undoubtedly time consuming and a high drain on increasingly scarce resources such as qualified staff to carry out this specialist task.  Anything that can quicken the efficiency, whilst at the same time maintaining the level of safety, accuracy and reliability of this particular service action will undoubtedly save time and money

Challis Ag+ recognising this need has developed Challis Ag+ Endosan3 which when sprayed on the internals and externals of the TMV valve kills all viruses, bacteria and waterborne micro organisms.  Enabling your service operative to carry out their servicing action on TMV valves quickly and efficiently in the knowledge that the valve has been thoroughly decontaminated and is ready for use.

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