NHS Supply Chain on EU Exit ‘No Deal’ – Government Announces Contingency Planning Approach

On 23 August Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, wrote to suppliers of medical devices and clinical consumables explaining the Government’s approach to contingency planning in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit scenario.

While the Government remains confident that we will leave the EU with a good deal for both the UK and the EU, he points out that it is only prudent and responsible to continue to prepare for all scenarios.

In his letter he explains that the Department has undertaken an analysis of supply chains for medical devices and clinical consumables, identifying the proportion of products routinely imported into the UK from other countries in the European Union. Without a deal, it recognizes that there is potential for the supply of these products to be disrupted.

To address this issue NHS Supply Chain has developed a range of contingency measures to mitigate the risk of disruption to the medical devices and clinical consumables supply chain posed by a March 2019 ‘No Deal’ scenario.

Stock holding at a national level will be increased and suppliers will be contacted during September to start discussing their contingency plans and, where necessary, the need for an increase in the production and supply of products.

Read the full text of Matt Hancock’s letter to suppliers (please click here).

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