Why Quarterly Cleaning of Your Showers is Often Ineffective

As we emerge from lockdown it is becoming increasing clear that in house regular quarterly deep cleaning of showers and hoses to remove bio film, legionella and pseudomonas can be ineffective, unreliable, time consuming, expensive and in some cases unsafe.

Current HTM04, ACop & L8 guidelines/recommendations suggest disassembly, deep cleaning, and descaling of shower heads and hoses at regular intervals throughout the year based on risk assessment.  Cleaning is time-consuming and commits expensive estates staff resource to a basic cleaning task when they could be more cost effectively and efficiently used elsewhere. Time is money & Challis Ag+ AntiMicrobial Disposable shower heads have a solution.PI 7

  • Cleaning is labour Intensive, costs of which, because they are regarded as in house resource, are often under estimated or ignored.
  • Showers often have to be disassembled for cleaning taking time and reducing effective lifetime of the unit. It is generally accepted that once a shower-head has been taken apart it seldom goes back together securely and often ends up with numerous leaks.
  • Shower Hoses are notoriously difficult to clean effectively and require significant agitation throughout their length to dislodge biofilm as such this important task is often neglected or ineffective.
  • Dipping in Anti Microbial solution is not effective in disrupting well established biofilm
  • Double the amount of shower heads and hoses are required for cleaning regime so that one is fitted whilst the other is cleaned. This cost is often overlooked in costing comparisons
  • On site, cleaning requires organization and space to be efficient and safe, a cost implication that is often overlooked
  • Chemicals used for cleaning are often expensive and too aggressive, damaging units and requiring replacements. Another cost that’s overlooked
  • Chemicals need to be stored securely & safely which has cost implications.
  • Chemicals need to be safely disposed of which has cost implications
  • Old showers classed as hazardous waste need to be disposed of safely and sustainably which incurs additional cost.
  • Chemicals need to be recorded and administered which has cost implications
  • Use of chemicals requires COSHH yet another level of legislation and admin which incurs additional cost.
  • Safety Equipment required for handling chemicals and cleaning incurs additional cost.
  • Training for handling chemicals has a cost
  • Basic administration and recording for the cleaning regime is often overlooked and costs under estimated.
  • Cleaning is often unreliable and unsafe. Units get missed, not cleaned properly, bio film survives
  • Cleaning is immediately compromised as soon as old units are refitted on the wards
  • Standard shower heads and hoses do not provide 24/7 anti microbial contact protection
  • The lifetime of basic shower and hose is often dramatically compromised by dismantling and cleaning with aggressive chemicals and as such require frequent and prompt replacement. which has a cost implication
  • Ward Shower areas are regarded as one of the highest infection control risks in the hospital as such there should be responsible proportional attention and resources allocated to meet that risk
  • Regular replacement of shower heads and hoses is now regarded as Best Practice in preference to quarterly cleaning

In Conclusion
Because many of the costs incurred in cleaning are difficult to quantify they are often under estimated or in some case completely ignored in preference to maintaining the status quo as the perceived most cost effective solution.
When properly analysed quarterly removal, disposal and replacement of units under the Challis Ag+ Anti Microbial Disposable Shower scheme can be SAFER more EFFICIENT & COST EFFECTIVE.  Why would you not give your patients and staff the best protection you can provide .

Meeting L8 is a Requirement, Exceeding L8 Is A Choice

Benefits of Challis Ag+ Scheme

  • UK’s Largest and First Anti Microbial Shower Manufacturer Supplying NHS Trusts across the UK
  • Brand New Antimicrobial, Disposable Shower Head & Hose delivered each quarter
  • 24/7 Anti Microbial Protection Killing Bacteria AND Viruses
  • Clearly defined Anti microbial Active Ingredient
  • Independent Anti Microbial Testing
  • Numerous Case Studies
  • No Cleaning
  • Quick & easy to Fit
  • Reduced Maintenance Load
  • Colour Coded 100% confidence in completion of task
  • Safe Efficient and Sustainable disposal of old heads & hoses
  • ISO 14001 Sustainability Quality Assured Company. Due Diligence completed
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company. Due Diligence completed
  • 100% safe, microbial load removed from building each quarter
  • Reduced Administration and Recording
  • Reduced Costs
  • Reduced Compliance Requirement
  • Reduced Audit
  • Lined Hose No light Transfer
  • Anti Kink Hose
  • Bespoke Hose Lengths
  • Expert Knowledge & Advice
  • Full Range of Additional Products
  • UK Manufacturer


The financial business case is clear and well proven in that it is now cheaper and safer to replace than clean old showerheads and hoses. Read More

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