Challis Ag+ Launch 25 Minute Legionella Test

An immediate,  simple,  on-site Legionella test that makes water systems safer.

You can now Get accurate results in 25  minutes.


The world ’s fastest Legionella test.  

Get results on-site in 25  minutes.  


The world’s only genuine field test.  Removes the risks associated with the transportation of samples.



Simple to use, no specialist training required.  One line means that the water system is clean and two lines mean that Legionella has been detected.  Optionally, the app reader can verify test results independently


More accurate than a lab test for detecting the strain of Legionella that causes practically all Legionnaires’  Disease cases and outbreaks.  



Results can be stored and managed in the Challis Ag+ Hydrosense portal in real-time providing an independent audit trail.  Why would you wait days for test results?  



Reduce  Your  Risks.

Take  Corrective  Action  Much, Much Faster.

Protect  Your  Reputation.

The difference between outbreak and containment could be as simple as the time wasted in a  lab.

Truth is, conventional testing methods are slow and disconnected.  Challis Ag+ Hydrosense test is an immediate,  simple,  on-site test that makes water systems safer.


Mitigate  your  risks

Challis Ag+ Hydrosense reduces public and employee health risk by minimizing the time taken to identify Legionella bacteria.  In parallel with periodic lab testing, or as a continuous monitoring tool, this simple test allows your organization to maintain vigilant control of water system quality.

Make better-informed decisions, faster.  

Hydrosense improves detection rates of  Legionella  [SG1] bacteria and provides results, on-site within minutes.  Further verification is provided by  Hydrosense  PRO  tools: an innovative smartphone reader and the Hydrosense portal.  Recording test information while analyzing data helps to create a complete picture of Legionella contamination risk and a roadmap to prevent future outbreaks.  

Protect  your  reputation  

Reputation drives revenues.  For water services business,  Challis Ag+ Hydrosense creates client peace of mind.  Our smart, simple test ensures you maintain high service standards and improve long-term customer value. Industries reliant on clean water systems, such as hospitals and hotels are fast moving environments where situations are always changing. Real-time water testing keeps these organizations ahead.


The Hydrosense test detects Legionella pneumophila antigen using well-established lateral flow test technology, which is used in many medical tests. The test works just like a pregnancy test. One line indicates a negative result and two lines mean a positive result.

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