Real Cost of a Water Bourne Pathogen Outbreak

You have not had a water pathogen outbreak for months and you think your water safety protocols are working just fine?

OMG That’s when an unexpected outbreak  can  flare up from nowhere.

Waterborne pathogens continue to be a significant and increasing source of HAIs in healthcare and hospitality  applications.

The Real Cost to Your Business:

  • Thousands £’s Lost Revenues From Closure of Premises Until Remedial Work Completed
  • Thousands of £,s in Specialist Decontamination Work
  • Thousands of £’s Health & Safety Executive Fines
  • Thousands of £’s Legal Fees and Litigation By Those Affected
  • Permanent Damage to Your Business Reputation

Even with patient and guest safety as primary consideration any one waterborne infection can still cost  many thousands of £s therefore effective prevention is far safer and more cost effective than a potentially very expensive and time-consuming cure.

Any safe water management system, to be effective, must incorporate a range and variety of infection control measures as no one measure is guaranteed to work 100%. Clearly identifying the high-risk areas, mitigating them and anticipation are the keys to success.

No matter how good your water safety measures are complacency adds to risk and an unexplained outbreak can occur at any time regardless of past successes.  With added layers of protection such as the Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valves, that risk is dramatically reduced, protecting patients and staff 24/7.

Fitting a Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve means that the chain of infection can be broken, since transmission from the outlet to the patient is prevented. Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valves can provide a simple and effective barrier to transmission at a fraction of the cost of other measures.

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