TIME, The Most Valuable Resource in Your Hospital?

The most valuable resource in your hospital and in hospitals across the UK is undoubtedly TIME

Time is a resource that many estates departments will never have enough of as there is always a constant and unremitting drain on time, whether that be repairing boilers or a simple but time-consuming task of regular deep cleaning showers. Imagine the opportunity to delete some of these tasks from your ever-growing task list, instantly releasing your staff to be available for more critical jobs.

HTM04-01 PartB 7.53 Table 1 recommendations suggest that all showers and hose be cleaned once a quarter.  A vital safety task, as I am sure you agree, but still a significant drain on ever decreasing resources. This recommendation has now changed in that the new recommendation is that although the period between cleans remains the same, showers are now to be dismantled and the constituent parts individually cleaned.  This presents two problems, in that firstly the the dismantling and cleaning of individual parts adds a significant amount of time on to the already lengthy and demanding process and secondly and more importantly as everyone who has dismantled a shower head will know, a dismantled showerhead will seldom go back together as it once did, often leaking and eventually falling apart requiring its premature replacement. These new cleaning recommendations regarding showers will undoubtedly result in a significant increase in the amount of time and subsequent costs required to complete this important safety operation.

As well as the additional time requirement there are also the many hidden costs of cleaning showers which include: staff training, safety equipment, chemicals, chemical storage and finally chemical disposal all of which are often unseen and unaccounted for costs.

Imagine being able to get rid of these costs whilst saving time and improving infection control. Releasing your staff to concentrate on more critical tasks. This can now be easily and quickly achieved.

Using the Challis Ag+ Antimicrobial Disposable color coded shower scheme hospital trusts across the UK are releasing time, cutting costs and improving patient safety by simply replacing showers and hoses every quarter rather than cleaning them.  The financial business case is clear and well proven in that it is now cheaper and safer to replace than clean old showerheads and hoses. Read More

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