Your Business’s Reputation Takes Years to Develop and Can Be Destroyed in Seconds

Incidence of #Legionella are on the increase across the UK

Your hard won business reputation is a significant asset which has taken decades of hard work and investment to achieve which can be destroyed in seconds by a legionella outbreak in one of your properties

Accommodation, whether it be hotels, student halls of residence, hostels or barracks by their very nature of infrequency of use are inherently susceptible to legionella and pseudomonas.  Its a basic unavoidable fact of life that at some point you will have an outbreak.  An outbreak can at the least be an expensive and time consuming event and at the extreme in some cases result in tragic outcomes.

The key to safe water management is planning and preparation to minimise this risk.  Realise the areas of threat and you are 3/4 of the way negating the threat and providing you with that last line of defence

Some of the  most common areas of contamination are shower and tap outlets which can be quickly and easily secured against the threat of legionella/ pseudomonas outbreaks by fitting Challis Ag+ Sentinel® tap valves and shower heads and hoses. Providing 24/7 safe water protection to guests, students and staff

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