Top 10 Ways To Prevent Pseudomonas

  1.   Regularly flush all water outlets
  2.   Regularly thermally disinfect all water outlets
  3.   Regularly review and update education and training of staff particularly  with regard to safe and effective water outlet cleaning protocols
  4.   Ensure no unauthorised fluid is disposed of in the sink
  5.   Ensure tap outlet does not discharge directly over the drain
  6.   Ensure regular sampling, monitoring and testing of water
  7.   Remove any under used water outlets
  8.   Identify and remove any water supply pipework dead legs
  9.   Keep areas directly adjacent to water outlets free from clutter such as soap and dispensers
  10.   Where practicable consider the removal of flow straighteners and replacement with Challis Ag+ Anti Pseudomonas Sentinel Tap Valves

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