Challis Launch New Healthcare Tap

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Challis Ag+ are please to announce the launch of their much awaited new Thermostatic tap specifically designed for healthcare applications.  Complete with sequential control and integrated anti legionella/pseudomonas capability our new tap is set to be a real game changer in the healthcare market. Until now taps have been susceptible to back contamination with legionella […]

New Anti-Pseudomonas Sentinel Valve Effectiveness Exceeds Expectations

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We have just completed another round if Independent anti-microbial testing on our new patented Challis Ag+ Sentinel Tap Fitting to demonstrate its speed of effective kill. Our new data is really fantastic in that as a direct result of the large surface area of knitted and compressed copper/silver mesh in our valves, the inherent 100% bioavailability […]

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Point of Use Filters?

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As incidents of legionella and pseudomonas increase and the use of POU filters becomes more frequent many clients are seeing the amounts of money spent on these temporary solutions spiral out of control. One main London hospital spending over £100,000 each quarter on filters and is still no further forward to their aim of a permanent […]

Press Release Challis Ag+

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We are pleased to announce that Challis MS Ltd. has been accredited as a member of Made in Britain. Challis MS Ltd.’s adoption of the official, protected mark (above right) will help buyers recognise its products as good quality, great value and British-made. The mark also lets customers know that Challis MS Ltd. is a […]

Challis Ag+ Launch New Water Bottle Filler

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Our Brand New Floor-standing Water Bottle Filler, Made with Grade 316 Stainless Steel with WRAS approved press button water valve, WRAS approved water fittings. Easily operated with either your hand or forearm. Radius corners for safety. Floor and wall mounting points. Lockable side door for access to the plumbing. This product will stop the need […]

Realistic 3D View of Your New Bath/Washroom Design

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Here at Challis MS Ltd we have been very busy through the lockdown period to offer another great service and products within our offering. We had been asked on numerous occasions if we could design, supply, & fit, washrooms, Shower rooms, Bathrooms for many different clients, from Football Stadiums, Hotels, Offices, and client’s own homes.   […]

Why Your Tap Diffusers Are Now Obsolete

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It is now generally accepted that the majority of Pseudomonas flare ups involving taps are as direct result of back contamination of the open tap spout by contaminated aerated water droplets.  This contamination is often compounded by limescale and biofilm build up on the tap diffuser internals which also presents a restriction to the water […]

Point of Use Filters, Risky Sticking Plaster or Solution to Water Safety Incidents?

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When a notifiable water safety incident such as a Legionella, Pseudomonas flare up occurs many users reach straight for the Point of Use (POU) filter as an initial remedy, sometimes a stop gap solution but more often as an ongoing solution, effectively putting an expensive sticking plaster over a more serious underlying red flag problem. […]

Why Quarterly Cleaning of Your Showers is Often Ineffective

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As we emerge from lockdown it is becoming increasing clear that in house regular quarterly deep cleaning of showers and hoses to remove bio film, legionella and pseudomonas can be ineffective, unreliable, time consuming, expensive and in some cases unsafe. Current HTM04, ACop & L8 guidelines/recommendations suggest disassembly, deep cleaning, and descaling of shower heads and […]

Anti Biotic Resistance, The Next Bio Crisis?

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Last year in the UK, over 65,000 patients were effected by drug resistant infections, thats 178 per day resulting in over 12,000 deaths. A lot of the antibiotics doctors use today are heavily regulated and monitored because of their eventual aid to resistance.  There is a need for new and safer solutions We at Challis […]