Lead Free Showers and Taps

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The risk to health, particularly that of children, of lead water pipework has long been known and as such lead water pipes have been banned for years.  However little attention has been paid to lead in brass used in the manufacture of shower and tap fitting which in effect can also leech into the water supply. […]

BIM Building Information Modelling, What It Is and Why Is It Important?

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BIM, What Is It? BIM or Building Information Modelling is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. One of the key outputs of this process is the Building Information Model, the digital description of every aspect of the built asset. This model draws on information assembled collaboratively […]

Pseudomonas, Simple Control Solution Available Now

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa poses a growing threat in healthcare applications because of its astonishing capacity for developing resistance to nearly all available antibiotics. This is due to the selection of mutations in its chromosomal genes and from its increasing ability to transfer resistance. Because of Psedomonas. aeruginosa’s incredible ability to dodge antibiotics, it has become ever […]

Is Sustainability Really A Key Driver In Your Organisation?

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Lets Cut straight to the difficult questions Is Sustainability a key driver in your organization? If Not Why Not? Do your suppliers have ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Approval? If not Why Not? ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Approval is the very least and most basic requirement your organization should demand of your suppliers as […]

Challis Ag+ University Showers

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  At the end of each academic year student, accommodation blocks across the country are vacated and left for months unattended.  As a new term approaches a flurry of activity ensues which hopefully includes not only a thorough cleaning of the accommodation but most importantly a thorough and deep clean of the university showering facilities. University showers left […]

Public Health England Monthly Legionella Report April 2019

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Check Out Public Health England Monthly Legionella Report April 2019 For Safer Showers and 24/7 Anti Microbial Protection Choose Challis Ag+ Click Here to Learn More or Watch Our New Video  

Challis Ag+ Launch Plug & Play Wireless Water Management System WMS

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Intelligent Washrooms Have Arrived Challis Ag+ are pleased to announce the launch of their Plug & Play wireless, complete building water management system.  WMS developed in partnership with FM Mattsson (Scandinavia’s Largest Faucet Manufacturer) is the first wireless water management system that controls, monitors and enables reporting from all your buildings water outlets via the […]

Challis Ag+ Anti Microbial Shower Key Benefits

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When we at Challis Ag+ first developed the unique and original idea for our Colour Coded, Disposable, Anti Microbial Showers we did not expect the success of the Ag+scheme concept.  However, we soon came to terms with the famous quotation “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery” as competitors started to flood the market with budget low-quality […]

Challis Ag+ Showers in Antarctica

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Showers in Antarctica. The Antarctic is undoubtedly the most remote and inhospitable place on earth.  An ideal place to test a product to its limits. In this type of extreme environment, only the best will do and that’s why Challis Ag+ FM Mattsson showers and taps are the only practical choice. Challis Ag+ in association with our […]

UK’s First Manual Mixer Tap With Built in Temperature Sensor & Anti Scald Cut Off

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Challis Ag+ are pleased to announce the launch of their new and groundbreaking manual basin mixer tap with a built-in temperature sensor which can be preset to shut off at a set temperature thus negating any scald risk. The Tronic tap is a significant step forward in water safety as it enables full accurate and reliable anti-scald protection without […]