Why It’s Cheaper and Safer to Replace and Recycle with Challis Ag+ Anti Microbial Disposable Shower Heads, Than Clean Old Shower Heads? 

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Current HTM04, ACop & L8 guidelines/recommendations suggest disassembly, deep cleaning, and descaling of shower heads and hoses at regular intervals throughout the year based on risk assessment.  Cleaning is time-consuming and commits expensive estates staff resource to a basic cleaning task when they could be more cost effectively and efficiently used elsewhere. Time is money & […]

AntiMicrobial Versus AntiBacterial Showers. What’s the Difference?

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With the proliferation of products on the market, many customers are now asking what is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial showers? Which one is the best for my application? An easy question you may think, however some suppliers of so-called antibacterial showers struggle with the very basic concept of what they are selling and may […]