Point of Use Filters, Risky Sticking Plaster or Solution to Water Safety Incidents?

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When a notifiable water safety incident such as a Legionella, Pseudomonas flare up occurs many users reach straight for the Point of Use (POU) filter as an initial remedy, sometimes a stop gap solution but more often as an ongoing solution, effectively putting an expensive sticking plaster over a more serious underlying red flag problem. […]

Why Quarterly Cleaning of Your Showers is Often Ineffective

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As we emerge from lockdown it is becoming increasing clear that in house regular quarterly deep cleaning of showers and hoses to remove bio film, legionella and pseudomonas can be ineffective, unreliable, time consuming, expensive and in some cases unsafe. Current HTM04, ACop & L8 guidelines/recommendations suggest disassembly, deep cleaning, and descaling of shower heads and […]