Are You Spending Too Much On Your Point of Use Filters?

As incidents of legionella and pseudomonas increase and the use of POU filters becomes more frequent many clients are seeing the amounts of money spent on these temporary solutions spiral out of control.

One main London hospital spending over £100,000 each quarter on filters and is still no further forward to their aim of a permanent safe solution to their re occurring legionnella, pseudomonas incidents, which are now becoming more frequent.

With a Legionella/ pseudomonas incidents on the rise you really only have 3 options:

Option 1 Take the Outlet Completely Out of Use

Option 2 Immediately Decontaminate the Outlet

Option 3 Fit Point of Use Filter POU

All These Options are Temporary

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The only real permanent solution to your Legionella , Pseudomonas problem is to firstly decontaminate the outlet and then install a solution in the form of a Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve® which will effectively prevent the problem reoccurring.

The permanent nature of this Sentinel® solution is enhanced further by the much lower price of the Sentinel Valve® compared to any Point of Use Filter.

Challis Ag+ Sentinel Valve®

Permanent, Cost Effective Solution To Persistent Legionella Pseudomonas Incidents

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