New Anti-Pseudomonas Sentinel Valve Effectiveness Exceeds Expectations

We have just completed another round if Independent anti-microbial testing on our new patented Challis Ag+ Sentinel Tap Fitting to demonstrate its speed of effective kill.

Our new data is really fantastic in that as a direct result of the large surface area of knitted and compressed copper/silver mesh in our valves, the inherent 100% bioavailability results in very effective and rapid kill of Pseudomonas, which recorded:

38.5% kill within 15 minutes 

77% kill within 30 minutes 

99% kill with 120 minutes. 

This confirms quick and effective protection combined with longer term protection for your patients, and staff and a cheaper, safer alternative to expensive POU Filters.

Challis Ag+ Sentinel® Valves are already being used in NHS Trusts across the UK

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