Challis Ag+ Launch Plug & Play Wireless Water Management System WMS

Intelligent Washrooms Have Arrived

Challis Ag+ are pleased to announce the launch of their Plug & Play wireless, complete building water management system.  WMS developed in partnership with FM Mattsson (Scandinavia’s Largest Faucet Manufacturer) is the first wireless water management system that controls, monitors and enables reporting from all your buildings water outlets via the internet.

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As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution (Business 4.0) digitalization and AI (Artifical Intelligence) are not only becoming key requirements but necessities for business success. If you are not in the digital world and moving forward in it you are effectively moving backward.


Digitization of our world and our business environment is speeding ahead at breakneck speed with business all over the world desperately trying to keep up and many just trying to ignore it.
Innovators and early adopters are those that are destined to reap the benefits of this rapidly changing business environment whilst Luddites will only realize the significance of their reluctance to embrace technology after it is too late.
Digitization and Business 4.0 is coming to you if it has not already arrived.

The simplicity of a washroom or toilet, a basic necessity, surely not an area worthy of digitization? You would be wrong in that assumption.

The Intelligent Washroom has arrived.
With the Challis Ag+ Water Management System, our intelligent washroom outlets monitor and record:

  • time outlet was last used,
  • frequency and peak use of an outlet,
  • temperature and flow at the outlet,
  • non-use of the outlet,
  • alerts faults at the outlet
  • Limit flow
  • Limit temp
  • Limit duration of use
  • Anti-scald protection limit
  • Action duty flushes on the outlet



All this can be done remotely via the internet thus enabling pre-emptive maintenance, cleaning, and resupply of consumables in a timely and cost-effective manner. Turning a standard washroom into an intelligent washroom exceeding your customer’s expectations quickly, and easily.
Interested in joining Business 4.0 the new industrial revolution, or just keeping up?

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