Whats Going to Happen Post Corona Virus Crisis?

Who can confidently claim that the Corona Virus or something similar will not happen again? No one.

With this stark reminder in place, we need to plan for the future and how we might lessen the risk.

As we have learnt from this Pandemic one of the primary modes of transmission is contact.  If we can reduce contact then the spread of the virus is, and will be, dramatically reduced.

Rather than continuously disinfecting every surface our primary aim should be to negate the necessity to touch or come into contact with that surface.  This is where non-contact initiation and functionality come into their own.  How much easier if doors opened auto-magically, showers and taps started automatically.

The safer future is sensor initiated actions on a whole range of products where touching twisting and turning on is a thing and a risk of the past.  Combine this no touch with antimicrobial protection built into plastic, surfaces, handles and other everyday products and you have a much safer environment that is quickly and easily achievable, protecting all users now and into the future.

We already have the technology available to aid this protection and it is now just a matter of introducing it into the building environment whether that be in the home or at work.

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