Why Is Your Legionella Treatment System Not Working As Well As You Expected?

At the risk of stating the obvious, no matter how sophisticated or expensive your current legionella control measures are if the treated water is not being drawn through the system right to the outlet then it will be either completely ineffective or its effect dramatically eroded. Some seldom-used parts of a water system can be infrequently or never drawn down and as such never see treated water and consequently are the source of repeated microbial flareups.  To ensure comprehensive treated water cover the only real effective solution is regular duty flushing of all outlets. This is easy with one or two taps but over a large estate of hundreds of outlets, this can be an onerous and impractical task.

The answer to this conundrum, Challis Ag+ Water Mangement System (WMS) can now provide a practical, cost-effective and efficient solution that duty flushes all your outlets automatically, wirelessly at a time and over a period that you specify.  Coupled with regular wireless reporting and generation of reports and audit trails our WMS will transform your legionella measures to a level of effectiveness that you originally expected and in some cases can now actually exceed your expectations.

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